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Welcome! This site showcases some of my notable efforts at eBay over the last 7 years both in leading design and leading people. I'm currently responsible for a team of UXers working on wearables and creating excellent, end-to-end selling experiences for both large volume and first time sellers across eBay's native, mobile web and website products.

Behind these screenshots lay the best of many methods used to drive successful outcomes. They encompass everything from international desirability studies, to large scale design workshops, to detailed assets, polished deliverables and delightful design solves. The areas below have everything from 'heady' UX solves to just plain making it look pretty.

There's more! Please contact me if you'd like to learn about the recent Mobile and Wearables work my team is driving for eBay.

"Design skills and ability to lead design processes are phenomenal.
- Peer Feedback


• Responsible for driving eBay's largest multi-screen redesign effort into existence on the Android platform.

• Creating an excellent eBay experience across wearables and new tech spaces, including Apple Watch and Android Wear.

• Building a center of excellence: Helping heighten design presence and influence in eBay's Portland Office.

• Standout in building effective teams and growing team talent. I create a model for collaborating fearlessly to create solutions we all love.

• Drove a complete brand/ identity overhaul and product redesign for RedLaser on both Android, iPhone (during Apple's iOS 7 beta launch), as well as Marketing and Social Media brand touchpoints.

• Crafted and ran numerous design sessions and workshops with larger cross-functional RedLaser Product, Marketing and Business teams.

• Provided excellence for this RedLaser initiative in both hands-on design and management of a mix of personel from remote designers, to a design agency, to local contractors.

• Contributed to the external reputation and awareness of eBay Mobile by presenting at Euro IA and WebVisions. Presentation deck was featured on Slideshare's homepage, getting over 5,000 views in the first few days.

• Key player in the Global "eBay 2.0" initiative, aimed at delivering a cleaner, contemporary look and feel; a more intuitive, convenient way to browse, decide and buy – and a new personal way to curate your own shopping experience and discover items perfect for you.

• Lead the Design Systems Group in successfully revisualizing from early inception to implementation and continued globalized launch of the initiative.

• Co-taught eBay's first ever Design Principles courses, sharing UX process, information & learnings across the PM organization to inspire better collaboration.

• Drove the implementation of eBay's site-wide navigation system, affectionately deemed 'Lefty'

• Managed the first ever design-driven Global CSS into existence.

• Led numerous design workshops - Practical vetting of new design patterns through application.

• Drove the launch of eBay's second ever design system, aimed at updating eBay's user interface with a simpler and more distinctive look and feel, and increasing consistency and re-use of design elements throughout the site.

• Led the Global Header redesign effort focused on increasing customer efficiency and engagement

• Developed a holistic framework for eBay's first ever cross-channel navigational system

• Facilitated the creation of a unified grid system across eBay core

• Consistent leader, running design Open Office Hour reviews, put in place to facilitate holistic design thinking and to support all eBay Design and project teams.

"Besides being a top professional she is also great to work with, very likable and someone you can trust." - Peer feedback








This is what many call the "discovery" or "understand" phase of design process. It's about digging into the problem statement and defining what success should look like upfront. This is a ginormously important area of the design process. If you get a design challenge kicked off on the right foot here, the rest falls into place rather well

Produce a range of solutions addressing the specific challenge. The objective is to explore as many different concepts as possible, keeping an open mind and postponing criticism until the refinement stage. Collaborating in large groups is generally more efficient with an intensive and structured approach to brainstorming.

This is about selecting the most compelling concepts, then extending and refining them to best reflect the project strategy. The intention is to select best-in-show directions for testing and further refining.

Don't get too dug into one solution. Testing during this iterative cycle is important to validate design hypothesis, or evolve and optimize the ultimate solution, which might be unexpected. Choosing the appropriate research method and metrics for success ahead of time is a must. You should be asking yourself, what questions do I need answered to move this proposal forward?

Delivering the final proposal is about polished assets, detailed specs and following best practices for implementation. In my experience, successful deliveries also come with user-centric purpose statements and guidelines for usage. Follow up A/B testing is also important as good design should always evolve and adapt to changing user needs and expectations.


"She's a great inspiration to people to get things done, because she makes it clear to them what they need to do, and finds a way to make it easy for them to do so." - Peer Feedback


I'm passionate about understanding human behavior, design culture, and UX best practices and trends. I'm excited about shifts in technologies, and how they open up new avenues for user interface design. I'm dedicated to employing design as a tool for positive user change, in addition to achieving business goals.

I aim to make digital experiences more delightful one pixel at a time.

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